Seniors’ housing

population of seniors

Low-income and affordable housing options for seniors

As the population of seniors continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important to address their housing needs. Many seniors face financial constraints and struggle to find affordable housing options that cater to their specific needs. Understanding the need for affordable…

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The advantages of living in a senior residence

Every year, many people over the age of 60 make the choice to live in a senior residence. These facilities include a multitude of services for individuals who do not require medical assistance, do not suffer from any disability and…

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Retirement home, senior residence, what are the differences?

A retirement home is a collective residence dedicated to the elderly. Depending on their needs, they can stay in a senior residence or a retirement home. These different types of establishments have similarities, but also have specificities. What are they?…

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Senior shower: contact an expert online

A senior shower is a bathroom equipment that can ensure the protection and comfort of the elderly and those with reduced mobility. It is fixed on the wall panel of the room. It saves space and ensures safety. Its installation…

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A specialized place dedicated to seniors

The elderly need special attention. The nursing home is the best place to take care of grandparents. The retirement home is a specialized place to take care of seniors. What is the specialized place for the elderly? Why should we…

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