heaviness in legs

What causes heaviness in legs?

There are many possible causes of heaviness in legs. Some causes are more serious than others. Possible causes include: venous insufficiency, peripheral artery disease, deep vein thrombosis, and lymphedema. Venous insufficiency is a condition in which the veins are unable…

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How to adapt your home to a hearing disability?

Living in your own home means being autonomous and independent. Despite their advancing age, elderly people need freedom just like you do. Therefore, adapting a home for a deaf or hard of hearing person is essential to help them control…

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Motor disability: what does adapting a home involve?

Are you a person with a disability who wants to improve your home or a homeowner who wants to adapt your home to accommodate people with disabilities? In this article, we present you some advices to reorganize your home. How…

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Can you continue to live at home with Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is found all over the world. Being a neurodegenerative disease, in France alone, approximately 900,000 individuals are affected. In addition, there are 225,000 suspected cases each year in newly diagnosed patients. There are many parameters that can influence…

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