Published on : 29 November 20213 min reading time
Every year, many people over the age of 60 make the choice to live in a senior residence. These facilities include a multitude of services for individuals who do not require medical assistance, do not suffer from any disability and do not have any health problems. These places offer considerable advantages for their residents!

Safety is the primary benefit

Security is a primary need for an elderly person. They will be able to find it without worry in a residence for the elderly. If you live alone, you may be an ideal target for burglars. Even if there are protection systems such as an alarm or a video surveillance or remote assistance system, nothing beats a trustworthy staff with the right equipment. In a senior residence, you are always assisted 24/7. Moreover, the residence has been designed to guarantee your safety to the maximum. In short, you have the possibility of living in complete freedom while enjoying optimal comfort.

Housing where comfort reigns

In a residence for the elderly, you will not be confined to a private room. You will occupy an apartment (T1, T2, T3, studio or small house). Each apartment is equipped with innovative and modern facilities to provide the desired comfort. These devices are also designed to meet your individual and specific needs. Please note that when you need to install all the required comforts in your home (alarm, fitted bathroom….), the prices can quickly explode. What’s more, these structures are conducive to exchanges between residents and to meetings. For example, residents can play games in the game rooms, meet in the movie room or drink in the bar and restaurant. Sports enthusiasts can take advantage of rooms dedicated to outdoor or indoor sports (swimming pool, sports field, fitness room, etc.).

Optional services

Senior residences are also known as senior services residences because of the activities and entertainment offered. You are entitled to options such as a cleaning service, home delivery of your orders or administrative formalities. You can enjoy lunch and dinner as well as breakfast. In addition, residents can eat in the restaurant occasionally or sign up for a subscription to eat there more regularly. If you want to be pampered in a hair salon or beauty salon, professionals can come to you. It is important to note that even after retirement, you should not stop taking care of yourself for your personal development. Why not think about a little color, a haircut, or a manicure?

Senior residences are popular among seniors because they offer a pleasant living environment at an affordable price. They also allow to keep a social link with the other residents as well as outside.