A senior shower is a bathroom equipment that can ensure the protection and comfort of the elderly and those with reduced mobility. It is fixed on the wall panel of the room. It saves space and ensures safety. Its installation requires the know-how of an expert.

The different steps for the installation of a senior shower

When you want to install a senior shower, you have to go through a few steps. It is necessary to make many changes to the existing conventional shower. The objective is to make it safer for seniors. The work starts with changing the water supply, drainage system and lighting. Then, all risks of slipping should be eliminated by installing anti-slip systems in the shower as well as in the bathtub. Afterwards, a shower with a floor drain should be installed in order to anticipate possible access problems. It is important to know that fitting out your bathroom with a senior shower means making it more practical and comfortable for the elderly. To do this, it is imperative to install a shower seat. However, plastic chairs should be avoided. It is also better to have a shower door open to the outside in this type of design. In addition, carpeting or non-slip tiles are preferable in a senior shower. And to obtain a constant temperature, it is recommended to install thermostatic taps. To perform all these operations, it is best to contact craftsmen specialized in this field on the site www.france-douche.com. The latter are equipped with the necessary equipment to significantly reduce the time needed to complete the installation of the senior shower.

Choosing the right online expert to install a senior shower

A senior shower is a walk-in shower designed specifically for the elderly. It allows to enter safely to take a bath and to get out once finished while avoiding falls. It is very accessible because of the presence of a non-slip surface. It can also be equipped with several accessories to reinforce the safety of the equipment. These include one or more grab bars, a step and a non-slip surface. For the installation of this type of shower to go well, it is necessary to spend some time selecting the craftsmen who will be responsible for carrying out the work. For this, some criteria must be considered. The first are the quality/price ratio and the experience of the professional. After that, it is necessary to inquire about the quality of the projects carried out by the craftsman, as well as the execution time. In addition, the presence of guarantees is also a factor not to be overlooked in the choice of this specialist.

How to contact an expert in the installation of a safety shower?

When you decide to convert your bathroom into a senior shower, you need to contact an expert. There are different ways to find the most competent professional. One can go to the internet and do some research. There are many sites of companies that specialize in the installation of senior showers at home. It is easy to get in touch with different experts through these sites in just a few clicks. They can give an online quote. This allows you to know in advance the scope of the work to be done, the prices of the operations and other information. It should be noted that an honest and competent expert in senior shower installation for the elderly and people with limited mobility is always ready to listen to their customers. They can give advice on the choices to be made to complete the project.