A retirement home is a collective residence dedicated to the elderly. Depending on their needs, they can stay in a senior residence or a retirement home. These different types of establishments have similarities, but also have specificities. What are they?

Difference between retirement home and senior residence

You may have to register a loved one in a retirement home when you notice a significant deterioration in their health condition, which translates into a manifest loss of motor and intellectual autonomy. To begin with, you should know that a retirement home welcomes elderly people who are not autonomous.  Those who go to a nursing home often need the assistance of a third party. They are in need of permanent care. Usually, this type of structure takes care of various pathologies. In addition, in a nursing home, there are adequate facilities and nursing staff. The rooms of the EHPAD have medical equipment. Senior residences, on the other hand, are intended for non-dependent elderly people. It is important to know that in a residence for seniors, you will find real apartments. The difference is that they are not medicalized. They are nevertheless adapted to the age of the occupants. Residents in retirement homes benefit from appropriate assistance. The support offered is more or less the same as that of senior residences. Even if their residents are not very dependent, they may need occasional assistance. This can consist of help with washing or taking medication. In such a facility, this assistance will be provided without difficulty. The difference between the two facilities is also in the staff. While you will meet doctors, nurses and orderlies in a retirement home, senior residences do not have any nursing staff. Instead, there are entertainers in addition to administrative staff. For any senior who wishes to find a social link, the senior residence is the best choice. This type of establishment allows you to feel at home. The residences are equipped with various equipment and conveniences to facilitate the routine such as electric shutters, electrical outlets at height or extra-flat showers.

How to choose a retirement home?

It is essential to make a good choice of a nursing home. This is in the interest of the elderly person and his family. Among the criteria, emphasize the geographical criteria. Since even in a nursing home the residents will need to be visited, the facility should not be too far from their former home. You should know that there are several types of nursing homes, including assisted living facilities, assisted living facilities, housing facilities for the dependent elderly and long-term care units. You will have to visit each of these structures. The objective will be to be able to judge the atmosphere, the good behavior and the environment of these medicalized homes. Of course, you should also take into account the price. Each nursing home has its own visiting programs. Make your choice by taking this detail into account as well. Read more here.

Retirement home: advantages

Did you know that by having your loved one admitted to a nursing home, you are offering him or her a better quality of life? This is indeed the first of the advantages to be gained.  If you want to allow your loved one to enjoy first-rate medical care, this is the ideal structure. The elderly person will also benefit from the comforting presence of a coordinating physician. In addition, seniors benefit from an environment that is suitable for improving their living conditions. Another advantage of a retirement home is the opportunity to create and develop ties with other residents.