When a person reaches a certain age, they become increasingly dependent as they are no longer able to get around on their own. When that time comes, they will need someone to assist them and meet their needs. Some seniors also suffer from Alzheimer's and she will need assistance in resetting her medications. In order to carry out this type of mission, hiring an overnight home care provider is essential. This professional is often hired by the senior's relatives.

What is a night guard?

The night guard is also called a home care assistant. Their mission is to help elderly people in a situation of dependence or disability. She provides close assistance on a daily basis. This way, seniors can continue to live in their own homes and avoid specialized institutions such as retirement homes or hospitals. By being in a familiar environment, they benefit from regular visits from their family and continue to lead a normal life. The caregiver is committed to recovering the patient's autonomy while ensuring their comfort at home.

Services offered by a home health aide

The home care aide sleeps in the same room as the elderly person so that she can intervene quickly in case of a problem. They help the elderly person get in and out of bed at night. She accompanies him to the bathroom, dresses him, feeds him and performs all the care. The night guard also prepares the meal and carries out the maintenance of the home. The home care assistant sleeps in the same room as the elderly person in order to be able to intervene quickly in case of a problem. The medical care is taken care of by nurses or health professionals.

The advantages of hiring a night guard

A senior home care provider must create a social link with the patient. Indeed, the elderly tend to isolate themselves and are victims of depression. The goal of the professional is to comfort and entertain them so that they can live their last years of life in happiness and joy. In order to choose a home care provider, certain criteria must be taken into account. The job of a home care aide requires a sense of contact and listening skills. It is also necessary to be very patient and benevolent as an elderly person always has a difficult character.