Today, many people prefer to be treated at home. This is a very advantageous option that allows them to stay at home while receiving the same care offered in a health center or hospital. But this home care is not only reserved for the elderly or disabled, it can also be given to all people with serious illnesses that require permanent medical assistance. But who is used to benefit from this practice? Various home care providers are available to meet all your personal needs, but in any case, it is necessary to ask the advice of your doctor.

Use home care services

Home nursing services (SSIAD) are recommended for the elderly and disabled to ensure their good health at home. The intervention of these services consists of providing all nursing care such as dressings, distribution of medication and all the health needs of the patient. Covered by health insurance, the patient pays nothing. Another solution is the multipurpose home care services. The advantage of these services is that they offer you home care and assistance at the same time. Not only do they connect your families with a single point of contact, but they also coordinate all services. Unlike nursing care, there is a fee for the assistance.

Turn to a private nurse

For home care, it is entirely possible to turn to a private nurse. Their work consists of providing various types of care that allow the elderly to be maintained in the best possible conditions. The advantage of being cared for by a private nurse is that he or she also monitors the patient's treatment. To find them, you can ask your prescribing physician for information or simply consult sites specializing in different home care providers.

Benefit from a hospitalization at home

You can also choose home hospitalization, which allows you to benefit from technical, intensive or complex care in your own environment. As in the hospital, it requires the intervention of several people and the installation of all the necessary equipment depending on your health situation. Indeed, this hospitalization is intended for people with chronic diseases such as Alzheimer's or in case of disability.