Thanks to home automation techniques, many elderly people no longer need to leave the place they love. Indeed, it is possible to equip a home with a complete home automation system. Home automation objects and equipment simplify daily life, improve comfort and can avoid placement in a retirement home.

Equipping a home with home automation

The dearest wish of many elderly people is to be able to live at home as long as possible. To age well at home, the advantages of home automation for seniors are no longer in doubt. Indeed, thanks to home automation, it is very easy to manage the opening and closing of doors and windows of the house, to regulate the lighting, the heating of the house and to integrate a remote monitoring system to trigger emergency assistance or to immediately detect a fall. Today, home automation offers solutions to all types of problems and it would be a shame not to use it to enjoy your home for a long time.

Installing sensors and detectors

It is certain that nothing can replace a human presence for an elderly person or a dependent person but the advantages of home automation for seniors are undeniable. Indeed, the home automation equipments are used for the security, the comfort of life, the daily management of the current devices and installations. It is possible to equip a home with a system of sensors fixed to the ceiling that will record a fall or detect abnormal movements. Smoke detectors can automatically trigger a call for help. An elaborate alarm plan can be defined in advance to inform in a precise order the relatives, the neighbors, a medical help...

Comfort and security thanks to home automation

The installation of a home automation system adapted to the needs of the elderly is an ideal solution to guarantee their comfort and security. The advantages of home automation for seniors are immense, they allow relatives to live more serenely and to promote the autonomy of the elderly person. It is also possible to provide one or more switches in a home that can be operated manually on site or remotely to manage the various equipment in the home. Equipping an elderly or dependent person with an electronic bracelet that detects a fall or an illness is also a good solution because an emergency alert is automatically triggered to ensure rapid assistance.