Teleassistance is an assistance, a quick help service to ensure your safety and well-being. The service is done through a product or a remote system through a means of telecommunication. The assistance is done remotely or online or by phone. It allows to answer you and to intervene efficiently and quickly to the required help according to your most adapted needs. In this article, we will talk about the functioning of teleassistance, then we will see its advantages, and finally, we will talk about the price of teleassistance.

How does telecare work?

Teleassistance works by using a reliable remote system or equipment. This equipment is composed of an alert button or a geolocated transmitter: in the form of a box that holds a speaker and a microphone, connected to a plug connected to a telephone line and a remote control: that you must wear as a bracelet or pendant to activate the alarm at any time. As soon as you press your alarm button, the system immediately calls the assistance service so that an operator can call and speak with the beneficiary for an evaluation of the situation to find the appropriate solutions. The intervention of one or more operators is carried out in case of an emergency or a serious incident. See the following link for more information: You should know that all the assistance and interventions are already included in the tele-assistance price. There are three types of teleassistance: medical teleassistance, mobile teleassistance and home teleassistance.

The advantages of a teleassistance

There are many advantages to using a teleassistance service. First of all, it is socially useful. It ensures your well-being, your safety, but especially your health. Then, the installation of their equipment is free and fast at the same time with a total discretion. Afterwards, apart from its efficiency and its rapidity in case of emergency, it listens to you, reassures you and supports you on a daily basis and commits itself to an availability at any time. It also provides serenity, tranquility and reduces the anxiety or stress of the beneficiary, but especially of their family. Concerning the price of teleassistance, you will be entitled to a 50% tax credit in your contribution when you subscribe.

The price of teleassistance

The equipment of a teleassistance is rented. It is the type you choose that defines the price of the teleassistance, because it varies. You should know that maintenance, subscription and rental are included in the price. The monthly price of a medicalized teleassistance varies between 30 and 40 euros. The monthly price of a home assistance is about 30 euros. The monthly price of a mobile teleassistance is the most expensive, as it varies between 50 and 70 euros.