From now on, seniors have the opportunity to use teleassistance to avoid the risks associated with aging. This means of security allows them to benefit from certain significant advantages. But in concrete terms, what is it and what are all the advantages and benefits that teleassistance can provide?

The efficiency and availability offered by teleassistance

Teleassistance is a telecommunication system that allows you to request assistance from a distance. This security measure is reserved for frail and dependent elderly people. The purpose of teleassistance is to establish communication between a reactive listening team and the elderly. For those who choose to stay at home, this system is the right choice. From then on, they can take advantage of all the teleassistance benefits. The teleassistance system offers increased efficiency. It is related to its practicality and ease of use. Subsequently, the teleassistance system is available at any time. It remains available 7/7 and 24/24. In case of any emergency, domestic accident or fall, the elderly only have to signal the operator center to alert it. For this, a senior citizen can use a medallion, a bracelet or a watch. In order to request assistance and trigger the intervention, this senior citizen can use this safety tool.

The reliability and practicality of tele-assistance equipment

Tele-assistance makes reliable and practical equipment available to the elderly. It is possible to request assistance from a distance thanks to the telecommunication system. The electronic devices used offer great practicality and efficiency. This is based on the remote alarm. The telephone platform is very reactive when the medallion or bracelet is activated. The remote assistance service allows the use of a trigger and a transmitter. The box acts as a transmitter and the medallion, watch or bracelet acts as a trigger. There is also a fall detector for seniors who are losing their independence. All these equipments are very easy to handle and to operate.

How to request the teleassistance service?

Although tele-assistance offers appreciable advantages, it is only a temporary solution. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a subscription without commitment. It is possible to subscribe to an association offering a teleassistance service. In addition, before the intervention of a technician to install the remote assistance equipment, it is necessary to establish the file containing the information essential to the management of the alarm. Some clients contact the information point to obtain the necessary information. But it is also important to contact the town hall.