Tips for ageing well at home

Tips for ageing well at home

Elderly or dependent people need to live in an environment that facilitates their daily life. It is essential that work be carried out in rooms such as the kitchen, the shower, etc. The automation of certain tasks (closing and opening of shutters, lights, etc.), installing grab bars, and providing furniture within easy reach are some of the possible solutions.

This type of service is of vital importance for elderly and dependent people. It can take several forms, such as assistance with the main activities of daily living, such as dressing, eating, taking medication, etc. Find out more on

Elderly or even dependent people no longer have the physical ability to prepare their own meals. In such a situation, home meal delivery is an ideal solution. There are service providers who offer this type of service for this particular category of people.

Remote assistance for ageing well at home
Remote assistance

Remote assistance

Senior Guide affirmed that, more and more elderly, retired and dependent people living alone are opting for the remote assistance solution. This provides them with comfort and, above all, security in their daily lives. The service is based on both human and material means (electronic devices)

Providers of such an online service must first equip the recipient with a portable transmitting and receiving device. This may be a medallion or a watch to be worn on the wrist to ensure communication with a teleoperator. The call is relayed via a specialised platform by pressing a button on the person’s device. This service is useful if the person has suffered a fall or is feeling unwell.

The teleoperator must quickly assess the risk incurred by the person on the other end of the line and take the appropriate measures. In other cases, the person just needs psychological support, simply to talk.

In addition to designing the home of senior citizens to guarantee their comfort and security, automating certain tasks greatly facilitates their daily lives. Thanks to technology, and more specifically home automation, certain actions that were previously restrictive will no longer be so, thus sparing them additional efforts.

One of the manifestations of home automation in the daily life of seniors is the automation of the opening and closing of shutters. The mechanism responsible for this is activated by pressing a button on a remote control. This technology also makes it possible to automatically switch on the light as soon as a senior citizen is detected in the vicinity of a room in the house. The light will be switched off when the senior leaves the room. Sensors are installed that send information to a central unit at the appropriate time, which then carries out the task in question. Senior citizens also need easy access to the heating and air conditioning system. This can be achieved by programming such a system and by remote access.

Among the pathologies that affect more and more senior citizens are those that cause memory loss, such as Alzheimer’s disease. This degenerative disease of the nervous system causes a senior citizen to gradually lose his or her basic reflexes and frequently forget things to the point of not remembering certain events.

Therefore, the support of seniors suffering from such a disease is indispensable to alleviate their suffering. The support varies according to the stage of the disease and focuses on assistance with everyday tasks, memory refresher exercises, etc.

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